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It’s not confirmed yet Norm.

That said, it is a tragic case. Amateur sleuths foraging over the area, looking through peoples windows invading their privacy and suggesting what had happened. The Police were pressured into making comments about her private life in an attempt to dampen speculation. It backfired. Just wish these people would show some common decency and back off.

Re: Nicola Bulley

Good Morning
Hesitant to comment on this, but more of a general observation than specific.
The very fact that Norm has chosen to start this topic, totally illustrates the problem. It’s very sad of course but for people to feel the need to make public comments on someone they ( I assume) have no connection with just shows how social media takes things further than necessary. Not having a go at you in particular Norm but on this occasion you are feeding from and into this frenzy.
We all suffer tragedies at different times in our lives and I for one wouldn’t want the attention from the whole social media scene that this has had.

Phil in Northampton

Re: Nicola Bulley

I make no comment on the death of Nicola Bulley. For her family this is a truly devastating time and I hope they find peace.
Leaving aside social media one thing I do find disturbing is how the so called main stream media treat some lives as more important than others. In 2022, 69 teenagers were murdered in the UK. Most were knifed, most were male, and most were black, and most were poor.
A 16 year old black boy knifed to death in an inner city housing estate hardly merits two minutes on the local news. But his life is surely as sacred as that of anyone else. His family will grieve just the same, will they not?

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