Re: Electric bikes and scooters

UPTHEPORT wrote: March 1st, 2023, 1:59 pm What a complete pain in the butt they are and someone is going to get killed being hit by one

Walking on canal yesterday got hit by one in elbow it flipping hurt the rider just rode off 🤬
So sorry to hear that Jim. It must have been really painful. I've nearly been hit a few times on the Newport foot bridge between Friars Walk & RP by pizza delivery bikes coming up behind me at a great speed.

Re: Electric bikes and scooters

It appears that it was an electric off road bike capable of 40 plus MPH, bought as an early 16th Birthday present. No one from the police commissioner down to the person who bought the bike comes out of this particularly well. There is a reason why you need a road licence for this type of bike, so so sad for all directly affected.

Re: Electric bikes and scooters

We know for a fact in our area drug dealers use lads to transport goods to the paying customers on these bikes

You see them totally disregard laws of the road some even riding on the wrong side of the road

They know full well that they won't get chased because they chose not to wear head protection

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