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Hi. I want to find out about the Women's team(s) at Newport County AFC but haven't found any relevant info on the club website. I'd be glad if anyone can inform me via this forum as I'd like to support Women's teams, as well as the men's first time which I already support. Cheers for now, "Up The Port".

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UPTHEPORT wrote: July 22nd, 2023, 2:31 pm I've been saying for years we should have a women team it's one good for the community two it could bring money in for the club in the future
Can't afford to run men's football club, so how are we going to afford to run the women's football team. Unless you have a few thousand going spare?

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Trev wrote: July 22nd, 2023, 5:35 pm Exactly prioritise staying in league otherwise we wont have a mens team let alone womens
As much as teams need players coming through the system, how much have we spent on the Academy and how many players have come through ?

Whether that's because of ability or because the man in charge was afraid to use them because if it fails it's their job on the line so they opt for journeyman players instead.

We need to concentrate on keeping our league status before spending on things we can't afford like women's teams or Academies.. They should be the aim if we can sustain our position as a Football League club...

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Just my take.

I have no interest in women's football. Other than I think it's great that young people of any gender play competitive sport.

No reason why a women's team should not affiliate itself with Newport County. Like any sports team they can finance themselves. I don't think a couple of pages in the programme and perhaps the donation of a football kit would make any financial difference to our club. Further it adds publicity to Newport County.
I also take the view that Newport County should be part of our community. Encouraging girls and young women to participate is something we should be doing because it is the right thing to do.

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