Re: Exiles Grandstand: Crewe away

Sounds like a horrendous second half. 10 mins added time though...

Positives from this game: if we can get Bogle back and find the ideal forward line up, we can score goals

Negatives: if we have any two of Clarke, Jameson or Delaney injured at any one time, we are going to struggle to win any games

Really disappointed to hear Wildig has been off his game, he was good at the weekend

Re: Exiles Grandstand: Crewe away

owlsabout wrote: August 15th, 2023, 9:59 pm Ran out of steam second half .pressed really well first half looks like it took it out of us couldn't get close to them after the break
Just a thought. Teams tend to be more cagey first half. Signs on Saturday that the high tempo press can't be kept up for 90 minutes. I wonder would a better plan be to be far more negative for 45 mins and turn on the high press after half time?

Re: Exiles Grandstand: Crewe away

Upset that we lost but I think its going to be a season of these types of performances mixed in with last Saturdays displays'

That said if the ref had given the penalty ( how was it not a pen ?) things may have been totally different...
that non pen and Townsends mistake seems to have cost us...Oh and the 15 minutes of madness when we were all at sea.

Hopefully get something off the Vegans to keep the momentum going as we dont need to go on a run of bad results or it could be a long hard season.

We are 18th in the league at present...We would all take that come the seasons end wouldnt we ?