Re: Grandstand: Crawley Town FC Away Match

Oh dear, pissed all over us today in almost every way despite us doing a lot of work. It just emphasised the gulf in quality for me. Absolutely no pluses for me but at least a reality check. They played the game properly, made the ball do the work.
Missed Wildig but without the press we looked awful and so did Nick today he was beaten from too far out and too often at his near post for my comfort, time for Maxted to be given a chance. As usual we have too many brittle players so too many injured as seems usual for us as GC has to shop in the bargain basement.
Not a great day for us at all.

Re: Grandstand: Crawley Town FC Away Match

This was always a very tough fixture. Trying to do our pressing style in 32* weather against a possession based side was a recipe for disaster.

GC tried to adapt to this, the second half changes were okay and we had some moments where we could have hit in the break

But when the time came, there were so many silly errors. We are going to need to have an answer to possession based sides though especially away, as we are going to struggle otherwise

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