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Hi all,

Just a courtesy message;

Having just received the latest hefty hosting, security and domain bill, I am unable to continue to pay for the various charges that come along with running this website. I'm also hesitant to get the begging bowl out again when there are so many stressors on the purse for people at present and alot more worthy causes.

Likely scenario is that I will forward the domain to hit onto the free forum or a new 1912 Exiles webpage hosted elsewhere once this season has finished.

As it may have been noticed, I have been unable to commit as much time to this forum as of late and would struggle when it comes to any future necessary upgrades anyway due to present commitments. (Let alone join in on podcast recordings or even get to games!)

Yes, it may be cheaper to port it to a different host but at this point, I'll not have opportunity to teach myself how to do so in the foreseeable due to heavy time constraints.

Letting you all know well in advance so that you can save whatever messages you need to and exchange contacts with the friends that you've made over the years.

Thank you all for the engagement for nearly 20 seasons, I'd like to think that this place was a driving zeitgeist on Newport County opinion, even if it's been a bit hard to see the wood for the trees in past few years

So many fond memories, too many to detail. Still laughing at that bloke who asked if it was safe to bring children to Spytty Park all those moons ago and made a meme out of himself.

All the gratitude and best of regards,

Re: Notice: Final season of

I can understand everything that you say and you should not have to personally shoulder the financial and work burden of running this website. However, I can't see users subscribing to the costs or volunteering the effort - although I may be wrong on the latter.

I have been a relatively recent poster on this website. As many will know, I tend to post 'serious stuff'. However, I think this 'stuff' has some assistance to those who wish to understand how the AFC and the Trust works off the field and primarily in relation to management and governance. In my opinion, the great thing about this site and to a lesser extent the FB Supporters group is that it is a venue for posting on subjects that neither the County nor the Trust ever publish on. To me, the failure of those two bodies at best could be described as an ommission and at worst 'trading on ignorance'. I also know that while there are a few regular posters and responders, posts are read by many more fans, at home and away, who very much form the 'silent majority' and I know, from direct feedback, that they appreciate a venue where more significant 'stuff' can be published because it helps them think about alternatives and possibly better ways in which the Trust and formerly the AFC could be run.

Against that, the site has obviously lacked moderation. So, although 'free speech' is welcome it is not 'licence' to insult or even defame other posters or Directors and officers of the AFC or Trust, past and present. Unfortunately, there are a tiny minority of posters who either instigate or fall into the trap of responding to 'provocations' and, when they do, I believe it seriously devalues the whole site and prevents many moderate contributors participating.

So, for me, as a way to reinforce the positives and minimise the negatives, I think that it is something that the Trust, in the future, could think about taking over or replacing and provide the funding and moderation for. This could be a way to both communicate more often and better but also to be set up so it is at arms length from the Trust so that independent comment and criticism could be aired and not stilfled by over controlling moderation. However, "over controlling moderation", for me, should not prevent clear and immediate moderation action against those whose step beyond very clear guidelines for publication.

Re: Notice: Final season of

Chris, several of us donated a while back to keep the site going, but I think Jack has felt the pulse of the general activity and demeanor here. It's a shadow of its former self and inevitably going the way of most other forums.......

Jack, thanks for sticking at it all these years, it's a thankless task and the lack of moderation and admin confirms that there are far more sayers than doers.

You say its the last season, do you have a closer date in mind?

Re: Notice: Final season of

To me modernisation from the clubs point of view, has happened with twitter etc being more instant than publishing deadlines for the programme.

This site has been going in different forms for many years, starting as an email group set up by Gary from the OBE'S, where a post was sent in email form to a hub, and posted back to all the others in the group.
Jack has done a great job keeping it going and it must be difficult to keep from being too officious and restricting, although I felt it needed Chris taking on that type of role running up to the vote.

IMO it's strength is its ability for people to have answers to questions that other fans would know, rather than taking up time for officials of the club. Long may it remain unofficial, even if we have to put up with commercial adverts for it to continue.

Re: Notice: Final season of

Jack wrote: October 23rd, 2023, 4:48 am Thanks both.

So it looks likely that I will end up pointing to a newly created, free hosted, ad supported forum at the end of the season.

Only downside is that users will have to re-register plus the new place will not have the same functionality + look & feel as this one.
Jack, just a thought, as the All Things County forum is already established with several posters from here already, why not speak with Jim about merging both forums using their platform?

Ps: the Bath City fan - was his name Yoofie?!

Re: NOTICE: changes

Shame its going or changing but all good things must come to and end...I don't want to get OTT about a mere internet forum but its been a learning process for me on here I have learnt that sometimes language and expressing oneself in a certain way is important - I've definitely had my share of debates on controversial matters (!) all decent I hope but have also made some connections and met at least one person off here in real life. I would also say when I disclosed some personal issues people were without exception (even those I had disagreed with) were caring and empathetic and any appeals for advice or help have always been met with sensible suggestions and I hope I have been able to contribute here to.

Above all much of the time it has been just good fun and a weekly or more often daily ritual.

Thank-you to all who have contributed in any way to this forum and here's to a good [rest of] the last season in its current form.

Re: NOTICE: changes

Yes for those of us who dont do bookface and twatter etc this is our only way of finding a lot of things out tbh if its money and not time that is closing this down then im sure we cd sort it again cant believe we had this forum in conference south days and now we are a league 2 club we are not even going to have a fans forum

Re: NOTICE: changes

Trev wrote: October 23rd, 2023, 4:26 pm Yes for those of us who dont do bookface and twatter etc this is our only way of finding a lot of things out tbh if its money and not time that is closing this down then im sure we cd sort it again cant believe we had this forum in conference south days and now we are a league 2 club we are not even going to have a fans forum
There is another forum - set up a while ago by a couple of posters on here when this site was unavailable. ... discussion

It's not very busy, but would surely pick up if this site closes.

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