Re: Grandstand: Newport County A.F.C. versus Oldham Athletic A.F.C.

Went down to Dragon Park today to cast a eye over the training session, our new GK (who looks very confident), there was a number of faces absent for what ever reason, had a chance to speak to the young lady that has stepped in to the Phyisio role as she was working with a couple of the injury guys, seems things are coming along nicely, she did say she was at Rochdale last season and is here till the end of the season at this time, one thing she did say was that her partner is working working within the Wrexham setup.

Re: Grandstand: Newport County A.F.C. versus Oldham Athletic A.F.C.

mad norm wrote: November 4th, 2023, 2:23 pm Is there anybody out there? :shock:

Yes it is I Jacob Marley. Norman Scrooge, I have come to take you on journey. Of your County, Past, Present and Future. Three spirits will visit Thee.

"Hear me!" cried the Ghost. "My time is nearly gone."

"I will," said Norman. "But don't be hard upon me! Don't be flowery, Jacob! Pray!"

"How it is that I appear before you in a shape that you can see, I may not tell. I have sat invisible beside you, many and many a day."

It was not an agreeable idea. Norman shivered, and wiped the perspiration from his brow.

"That is no light part of my penance," pursued the Ghost. "I am here tonight to warn you that you have yet a chance and hope of escaping my fate. A chance and hope of my procuring, Norman."

"You were always a good friend to me," said Norman. "Thank'ee!"

"You will be haunted," resumed the Ghost, "by three spirits."

Norman's countenance fell, almost as low as the Ghost's had done.

"Is that the chance and favor that you mentioned, Jacob?" he demanded in a faultering voice.

"It is."

"I—I think I'd rather not," said Norman.

"Without their visits," said the Ghost, "you cannot hope to shun the path I tread. Expect the first tomorrow, when the bell tolls one."

"Couldn't I take 'em all at once, and have it over, Jacob?" hinted Norman.

"Expect the second, on the next night at the same hour. The third on the next night at the same hour. Look to see me no more; and look that for your own sake you remember what has passed between us!"

When it had said these words, the spectre took its wrapper from the table, and bound it round its head, as before. Norman knew this, by the smart sound its teeth made, when the jaws were brought together by the bandage. He ventured to raise his eyes again, and found his supernatural visitor confronting him in a erect attitude, with his chain wound over and about his arm.

The apparition walked backward from him; and at every step it took, the window raised itself a little; so that when the spectre reached it, it was wide open. It beckoned Norman to approach, which he did. When they were within two paces of each other, Marley's Ghost held up its hand, warning him to come no nearer. Norman stopped.

Not so much in obedience, as in surprise and fear; for on the raising of the hand, he became sensible of confused noises in the air; incoherent sounds of lamentation and regret; wailings inexpressibly sorrowful and self-accusatory. The spectre after listening for a moment, joined in the mournful dirge; and floated out upon the bleak, dark night.

Norman followed to the window: desperate in his curiosity. He looked out.
The air was filled with phantoms, wandering hither and thither in restless haste, and moaning as they went. Every one of them wore chains like Marley's Ghost;
some few (they might be guilty governments) were linked together; none were free.

Many had been personally known to Norman in their lives. He had been quite familiar with one old ghost in a white waistcoat, with a monstrous iron safe attached to his ancle, who cried piteously at being unable to assist a wretched woman with an infant, whom he saw below, upon a door-step. The misery with them all was, clearly, that they sought to interfere, for good, in human matters, and had lost the power for ever.
Whether these creatures faded into mist, or mist enshrouded them, he could not tell. But they, and their spirit-voices faded together; and the night became as it had been when he walked home.

Norman closed the window, and examined the door by which the Ghost had entered. It was double-locked as he had locked it with his own hands, and the bolts were undisturbed. He tried to say "Humbug!" but stopped at the first syllable. And being—from the emotion he had undergone, or the fatigues of the day, or his glimpse of the Invisible World, or the dull conversation of the Ghost, or the lateness of the hour—much in need of repose, went straight to bed, without undressing, and fell asleep upon the instant.
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Re: Grandstand: Newport County A.F.C. versus Oldham Athletic A.F.C.

Chepstow'sFi wrote: November 4th, 2023, 6:31 pm Looks like Flynny didn't fancy the magic of the FA Cup this year. Weird decision by the Swindon Chairman to offer MF & Hats a contract extension. I think they'll deliver mid-table obscurity this season and he's just made them very expensive to sack.

I was shocked at the news that Flynn has got a new contract as well.
What has he achieved for them so far to warrant it ?

A few good results to start the season off and his agent has obviously been in their Chairmans ear after a contract extension .

On the Swindon Forum there are rumours that somehow Flynn got a pay rise yet wages haven't been paid to the players and staff ???

Re: Grandstand: Newport County A.F.C. versus Oldham Athletic A.F.C.

Oldham chairman giving it large in the bisley
hospitality .when Drysdale went down injured started shouting accusing him of time wasting fair play to a steward for having a word .
When we scored fans gave a bit back to him rightly so .idiot with a lanyard on who thought it gave him some sort of authority tells us to be quite and puts finger to his lips even though he wasn't brave enough to say anything to there chairman.
When will we learn that away chairman and directors should be behind their own fans

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