Re: Fancy a laugh?

Chepstow'sFine wrote: November 29th, 2023, 1:13 pm ... y-12784741

Very funny, what an absolute bunch of weirdos.
Grown men paying good money to watch other men kick a ball around a meadow is something that only weirdos would do. People who comment on football message boards are by definition the weirdos weirdo. By all means laugh at them but be aware there is not one single poster on this board who is right in the head. Myself included.

Re: Fancy a laugh?

I was food shopping this week and in one fridge there was VEGAN Steak and Kidney pies for sale.
If they are so confident that we should eat vegan food why do they have to go down the 'meat' avenue to sell it ?
Surely it's false advertising that they have to say a meat product to try and convert people?
eg. Vegan chicken nuggets
No meat steak pies etc ????

Saying that , I recently went out to a restaurant and they were selling a square of Cauliflower stem and selling it as Cauliflower Steak. (The part most people throw away)

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