Re: Vaughan Gething

I personally voted for Miles
Vaughan has been through a lot in his life, My one hope is that he can make wales a more tolerant place

Because I hear a lot of negative stuff about migration but if you look at the facts migration brings in more than it takes out

Just look at the staffing in the NHS for example

Re: Vaughan Gething

It is painful to say as a labour voter but labour have made Wales a worse place by most measures-economic, health & education, external factors offer context but not an excuse.

On immigration it is neither an unmitigated good or bad thing it does put pressure on public services and housing and in certain parts of the country it alters the cultural and social landscape for the worse (large scale immigration from conservative/rural predominantly Muslim countries brings regression and back door blasphemy laws), a complex issue worthy of honest debate.

[edit] I’m pro immigration for very personal reasons BUT as with much in life it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

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