Re: Baroness Smith

mad norm wrote: March 21st, 2024, 3:48 pm Youngest (28) peer to join a bunch of 71 yr olds (average age) and she wants to abolish the House of Lords
Good for her
A part at tradition that should be put down painlessly
I feel we need a 2nd house as a check and balance - the house of lords is an imperfect place for lots of reasons although I will say that whenever I see peers speak on TV they are, perhaps because they don't have to play to an electorate, calm, measured and reasonable and far more collaborative in approach than most MP's.

I don't agree with heredity peerages and would question why a 28 year old is anywhere near the Lords (at 28 you haven't lived although equally 71 is a bit much) we need a balance and a LOT more 'normal' people in there - [say] a time served inner city vicar rather than a bishop or an ex service person from the ranks rather than a retired general.

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