Grandstand Barrow v County

I hope I'm not stepping out of line here, but as there was no Grandstand last week I thought I'd open things up early to ensure one for this weekend.

So Coughlan is saying the squad for Barrow remains the same, so no Drysdale again, which seems sensible. With Baker playing for U21's that suggests not a full bench and a back four. The former seems a bit daft but the latter seems a reasonable accomodation.

That still leaves some scope for changes though. He states it's the same squad but specifically doesn't suggest same starting 11 (which again is sensible). So do we think he'll play same again or make a change?

Good to hear Coughlan talk about the positivity around the club. I said at the time HJ took control that it just felt that the club was no longer just trying to survive anymore, but looking to grow. That positive vibe seems to have filtered into the team results-wise and now even that grumpy bugger Coughlan has been infected with it... 😂

Re: Grandstand Barrow v County

I suppose we all take different things for these interviews. For me the most important is that Graham Coughlan gets two things spot on. The first is that he acknowledges the injuries but accepts that yhese things happen and that winners just get on with it. Those who recall 79/80 will remember the walking wounded going to Peterborough at Easter and contriving to come away with a 1-0 win.

Secondly but linked to the first point was like me he obviously hates the 'little old Newport' tag. Newport is a city. It has a large and growing catchment area. The attendances at home games is growing and properly managed there is no reason County should not aim to be, and indeed actually become a Championship team.

Regardless of whether we make the play-offs/promotion, the coming summer will be an interesting one. For me two issues of note. In the short term how much Huw Jenkins will invest in strengthening the squad. In the medium to long term what infrastrucure plans does Huw Jenkins have to secure the long term future.

As for tomorrow I would take a draw. A win would be exciting and not out of the question. Whatever there are eight games left, it's nearly Easter and we are still in the mix. This season has been far better than I expected, that 3-0 reverse at Accrington seems a long time ago.

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