1912 Exiles, Ep177: April fools


Our first big panel discussion for a while - sadly sans Rhys, but Jack does an excellent job of corralling Ian, Ed & Jamie to make sense of recent events. It's a long one, this episode, so here's what to expect and when in the episode (rough timings, depends on adverts length!):

1m10s: Intros
3m18s: Jamie's match diary and Colchester analysis
20m43s: Crawley analysis
28m10s: "Beat the pod" quiz
31m43s: Is the playoff dream over?
35m32s: A word about the Morecambe game...
47m46s: Your questions answered
55m32s: Player of the pod, shoutouts and beefs.

Ian will hopefully be back next weekend with a diary from the Grimsby game. In the meantime, you can contact us via Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, and you can support us at our ko-fi page should you wish. Thanks as always to Tinty & The Bucket Hats for letting us use Discoland as our theme, thanks to Phil from Northampton for submitting the quiz, and thanks to all of you for listening - especially those who sent in questions for us to answer.

Just search for "1912 Exiles" wherever you get your podcasts, or go to:

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